Proponents of controversial Ariz. Bill say they must speak up for religious liberty

Proponents of controversial Ariz. Bill say they must speak up for religious liberty


Anderson > Miguel, what is happening now.

Reporter> This is demonstration’s been going on for a couple of hours now. Several hundred people, Anderson, out in front of the capital building here. They have been chanting veto this bill, stop the hate, and I get rid of their legislature essentially all afternoon. The concern for people here, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community of Arizona is because there is no nondiscrimination our protection for them state-wide a field day. They feel that they would be made a special class by this particular piece of legislation and it would allow businesses to discriminate against them on a wide variety of ways. Everything from a restaurant to a hospital to accord whatever sort of service one can imagine. Proponents of the bill say that is just not true, that this bill basically protects people who believe deeply in their religion and that it would not be able to do that because the person bringing that issue would have to prove a series of tests basically before they would be able to do that. So they just say it’s not true. The truth probably lies somewhere in between.  But clearly the passion is out on this. Anderson?

Anderson> And when is Jan Brewer expected to rule on this?

Reporter>  It is expected to be transmitted to her office – You can hear them shouting veto right now and chanting – is expected to be transmitted to her office on Monday afternoon. Next Monday. That would give her then five days. So Tuesday thorough Saturday. Saturday midnight she would have until. She told CNN earlier that she would sign it by Friday. We do know the business community, though, across Arizona, the super bowl is coming up here next year, there are already concerns being expressed by businesses that they say that if this bill passes they will not relocate to Arizona. The business community wants to meet with Jan Brewer to emphasize that they don’t want the black eye that this bill would give the state, very much perception problem them, also don’t want legal issues come along with great expenditure as they would have to do in defending it, Anderson.

Anderson> Alright Migual, appreciate.






proponent  [prəpóunənt]支持者、賛成者
demonstration [dèmənstréiʃən]〔集団の〕デモ、示威行動
capitol building 国会議事堂
chant [tʃǽnt] 〔大声で〕繰り返し言う
veto [víːtou] 〔法案などに対する〕拒否権
bill [bíl] 法案
get rid of ~ 〔好ましくない物を〕取り除く
legislature [lèdʒisléitʃər] 議会、立法機関
essentially [əsénʃəli] 本質的に
transgender [trǽnzdʒɛ́ndɚ] 性転換者
nondiscrimination 不当差別禁止
state-wide 州全体にわたって
accord [əkɔ́ːrd] 許可などを〕与える
passion [pǽʃən] 情熱、熱中
rule 規定する
Jan Brewer  アリゾナ州知事(本職は放射線技師)保守派の知事として知られ、特に新移民法に代表される不法意味に対する厳格な姿勢や人工妊娠中絶を支援する団体への公的式の禁止など、全米でも強硬姿勢が目立つ知事の一人。
transmit [trænsmít] 伝える
super bowl スーパーボウル◆米プロフットボウルの王座決定戦
emphasize [émfəsàiz] 強調する、力説する
black eye ひどい打撃
perception problem 問題認識
expenditure [ikspénditʃər] 支出
in defending 擁護する