Snake fights croc in Australia


Check this out if a crocodile and a snake got into a fight. Who’d you have your money on? Well if you took the crocodile, you lose. In this case anyway, check this out, is unbelievable. This was in Queensland, Australia and yes people where there to witnesses a witness it and of course, they had cameras. And this is off Lake Moondarra to be specific they say that the snake it’s a Pond Python on is what it’s called I think they wrestled four hours the croc got tired too tired end up getting spangled and then swallowed whole by the enormous snake who then went and had a bit of a lie down. Apparently that’s going to keep him from being hungry for about a month from what I was reading today that’s quite a dinner.


get into a fight (with) けんかになる

witness [wítnəs] (n.) 目撃者 (v.)~を目撃する

unbelivable [`ʌnbəlíːvəbl] 信じられない

Lake Moondarra ムーンダラ湖

Python [pάɪθɑn] ニシキヘビ

wrestle [résl] 取っ組み合いをする

swallow[swάloʊ] ぐっと飲み込む

enormous [ɪnˈɔɚməs] 巨大な

Apparently[əpˈærəntli] 見たところでは(・・・らしい)